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Why Not Let Us Locate Your Ideal Apartment In Dallas. It's Free!

Finding an apartment...

Why would you ever do it on your own? Let us save you countless hours of online research, visiting places that don’t have what you need, or turn out to be out of your price range. And we can help you move for free.

Don’t do it alone – we are here and ready to help.

Tell us what you need, and we will send you a personalized list that includes floor plans and pricing. We’ll go with you to tour the property and help you negotiate the best terms. And as a thank you for working with us, receive a free 2-hour move or $100 when you lease through us.

All this at no cost to you.


How do we do it? Simple – we have relationships with every apartment in the Dallas metroplex, and they pay us for helping them find new residents. We know Dallas apartments, and we know the best move-in specials.

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The Luxury Apartment Finder...for Free!

At Advanced Locators, we understand your time is precious-and limited. That’s why we specialize in finding the most beautiful Dallas high rise apartments and condos for our clients, without the inevitable problems that come when you “do it yourself.” We take care of everything, from online and in-person research on what’s out there, to editing lists and options so you don’t have to waste time looking at or visiting apartments that don’t fit your budget, size or style specifications! We even offer a free two hour move or $100 cash when you choose to lease through us. We’re committed to making the process simple, strategic...and always hassle free.

And our clients can afford to be demanding. As the most high powered professionals in the Dallas area, they depend on Advance Locators to find them the elegantly appointed, luxury accommodations that make sense for themselves and their loved ones. After all, do you have the time to sort through endless advertisements, misrepresented or poorly photographed rentals, as well as confusing locations and neighborhoods?

We didn’t think so. Let us handle all the details so you don’t have to! With insider knowledge of the Dallas luxury rental market, we can get you the rental opportunities others will miss. And with the seasoned negotiating experience that comes from more than two decades within the real estate industry, we can help you get move-in deals and bargain rates that translate to real value for any price point. With Advance Locators, you can find gorgeous rentals that not fit within your budget, but with amenities that go far beyond your expectations!

Remember, this service is completely free.With ties to all the best Dallas high rise apartments and condominiums, we’re paid to find them high quality residents. You pay nothing, at any time. Get in touch with us today to discover the Advanced Locators difference.

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